Our Vision

The business value of technology comes from and through people. Paramount agri technologies understands the value of farming which cannot be achieved through technologies only. It starts with people: team hard work together to win the farmers heart and make profit to the farmers and make their life for easy and happy. We believe this human-centered approach to organic farming is what makes the difference for your business.
  Our Mission: With you, we want to take organic farming to the highest peak of the Everest and give the happiness to the new growing world.
Paramount agri technologies enables you to transform your organization and improve performance. We aim to empower you to respond more quickly and intuitively to changing market dynamics. By boosting your ability to harness the right technology, we help you become more responsive and modest.

"very good interaction with farmers, easy to call him and get solved the problem soon. I amazed from their fast services."
- Bisahu lal
"Happy farmer"
"मेरी फसल मे कीड़े लग रहे थे और मेरी फसल नष्ट हो रही थी, फिर मुझे पेरामाउंट की किसान सेवा के बारे मे टा चला और मैने ट्राइ किया और पै. ए. टे. का लड़का आया और मुझे मेरी कीड़े की समस्या से मुक्त कराया|"
- Jag Jivan Ram
"Happy farmer"
"Amazing services. Executive came and find thhe problem of my onion crops and give me the suggession for treatments. "
- Savan mina
"Happy farmer"
"Good Understanding of problem which i faced and short out my problem in just few minuts. My problem was related to Mungbeans. "
- Kanchan patel
"Happy farmer"
" I wasn't know which pesticide i can use for keep insect away from my crop, i called to PAT farmer help line no. and one agent came and give me information of all type of pesticides. Well job."
- Manu lal
"Happy farmer"
"मुझे अपनी फसल के लिए खाद का कुछ समझ मे नही आ रहा था की कौन सी खाद मे क्या कितना मिलाऊ, फिर मैने पेरामाउंट के किसान हेल्प लाइन नंबर पे कॉल किया और अपनी समस्या का समाधान पा लिया| "
- Kailash patidar
"Happy farmer"
"मेरी फसल अच्छे से बढ़ नही रही थी मैने कई उपाय भी किए लेकिन कोई परिणाम नही निकला, फिर मैने एक दुकान वेल से सलाह माँगी और उसने मुझे पेरामाउंट मे कॉल करने को कहा| मैने मिस कॉल किया और आधे घंटे मे वहीं से कॉल कॉल आया और उन्होने मेरी परेशानी को समझ कर अपने एक आदमी को भेजा और मेरी समस्या का निराकरण किया|"
- Sanjay yadav
"Happy farmer"
"Mujhe ashwagandha ki kheti ke baare me jaankaari chahiye thi aur mujhe mere dost ne Paramount ki missed call service ke baare me btaya, fir jaise hi maine miss call kiya ki 10 min ke andar mujhe return call aaya, aur fir ek agent aaya aur usne meri sari probleeem ko samajh ke solution bta diya."
- Krishna kant jaiswal
"Happy farmer"
"I was faced some problem in selling my wheat crop in market because my wheat was not buy by anyone in the market. i was unable to know what was the exact problem in my crops then i called to PAT executive and understand where was the problem in my crops. "
- Hemraj patel
"Happy farmer"
"i was faced some soil problem in the field. I hadn't know how to resolve this, how to get healthy crops. Then I call to PAT agent from my nearest K.S.K. and agent come and tell me all the verities of solution to resolve my soil problem."
- Ulaash singh rathore
"Happy farmer"

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