Paramount today is a Monthly Agricultural Magazine. From the Paramount family behalf of all farmers brother, A monthly agricultural magazine is publishing named "Paramount Today". Through this monthly magazine for all farmers and agriculture-related news will be made aware of the advice and suggestions to the highest farming. The magazine troubleshoot the problems farmers in farming and will be published with the highest cultivation tips.

Through this monthly magazine for all farmers and agriculture-related news will be made aware of the advice and suggestions to the highest farming.

1) Schemes run by the government to reach farmers.

2) Communicating new new techniques of cultivation.

3) Troubleshoot issues of farmers in their farming.

4) For farmers to familiarize them with the company's excellent product.

5) Explaining farmers improved farming.

6) Provide information to farmers about crops which are incurred periodically.

Paramount is thinking about our most current issue so decided we will launch paramount today magazine in which easily all farmers could be get information at home. Easily understand that about the farming, way of business farming, insect disease in crop etc. Magazine articles are usually short and easily digested, making them ideal farming material for a generation that in contact with the world through television, social media, and text messaging. Generally people keep magazines at home for very long time so they get fully information’s from them.

Talking about the benefits of PARAMOUNT TODAY magazine advertising comprise the ability to reach particular audiences, viewer's interest, long life duration, layout, image quality, and the division of sales promotion devices, all type agricultural products, fertilizer and pesticide products. Magazines have a high rank of audience's accessibility.
Magazines have the longest life span in all the media. Magazines have high reach prospective because they passed along to family friends, farmers, and distributor, customers, and colleagues, shopkeepers.

The most important part is that People also tend to read magazine at a slow rate, naturally over couple of days, so they offer an opportunity to use detailed copy. The magazine format also allows inspiration advertising Varity through multiple pages, interest and other features. Magazines help individuals to pass their free time in productive manner. Magazines are major sources of information regarding all the aspects of life. (Krishi pratrika) magazines provide comprehensive information about Agriculture, and give insight to the key stories. Magazines help individuals to keep themselves informed about the current weather, season wise crops and organic product, price.

For Farmers
Farmers in the developing world, Most of our readers are full- or part-time small family farmers, and many are using alternatives, such as growing high-value crops, raising unusual livestock, and direct marketing their products to bring in more income. With the help of magazine increase in literacy rate, the changing agricultural scenario and fast changing, technologies which need to be disseminated at a faster rate for rapid agricultural development calls for publication of farm magazines / agricultural journals.

Thus, the farm / agricultural journalism are concerned with:
(i) Carrying agricultural information to the farming community.
(ii) To get genuine problems of farmers as feed back to researchers.

Magazine provide the information how to increase your farming business. and in-depth information on such farm-related subjects about the water recharge system, soil testing, fertilizer, pesticides, save rainy water, Organic farming methods with modern technology based on naturally occurring biological processes, farm chemicals, pests and disease, plantation, Seed Preparation and Germination, all part including based on agriculture in paramount today magazine. First thing that the paramount today magazine in Hindi language so all farmer easily read and understand that all content of farming.

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