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Our Missed Call Service

Paramount agritechnologies provides missed call service to our farmers. All farmers can missed call in any time and our executive will reply very soon in all working days. In PARAMOUNT AGRI TECHNOLOGIES we prove a Toll Free Number which when dialed a caller number is registered and if required by our client a Auto Reply SMS is send to the caller thanking him for calling and informing him that we have registered his Number and One of our Executive will Call him Back Soon to Understand his requirements / Concerns.
Sashakt Kisaan Sashakt Bharat

India is an agricultural country. 70-75% of India's economy is dependent on agriculture. Paramount believes that the farming family should be given the right direction, and the land will empower the development will empower the Paramount family " Sashakt Kisan Sashakt Bharat " mission launched.
Eventually we orgnise the farmer meeting which farmers and their farming will diagnose problems associated with the government's plans for farmers who deliver them to farmers.
Manavta Jaivik Krishi & Gau seva Sansadhan

The Paramount agritechnologies has also associated with and NGO. With this NGO Paramount agritechnologies motivates farmers for organic farming & solve their problem related to organic farming.

With this NGO, the Paramount agaritechnologies help them to open the cowshed at different different places. Many types of products can be made from the cowshed.
Organic Farming

Organic farming is a form of agriculture that relies on sustainable techniques to enhance the natural fertility of a farm, including crop rotation, companion planting, biological pest control, and naturally-sourced fertilizers such as compost, manure, green manure, and bone meal. Pest-control measures such as mixed crops and fostering natural insect predators, as well as naturally-sourced pesticides such as pyrethrin, are employed, while it excludes or strictly limits the use of synthetic petrochemical fertilizers and pesticides, plant growth regulators such as hormones, antibiotic use in livestock, genetically modified organisms...   Read more

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