Flimingo (Bio Plant Protector)

A Short Description Of Flimingo

Recommendation : FLIMINGO is recommended to kill all hazardous larva insect pest particularly Spodoptera, Heliothis, Spotted Bollworm, Fruit & Shoot Borer. Very effective on all agricultural crops and is effective for a longer duration. FLIMINGO is responsible for excellent larva pest management in all crops. Use of FLIMINGO make plants internally strong so that re-attack of pest is delayed for a longer period. It is eco friendly. The targeted pest will be unable to develop to resistance against FLIMINGO .
1. Increases wetting power.
2. Improves distribution.
3. Helps in deep penetration.
4. Increases adhesive power.
5. Promotes quick drying.

Doses : 10 -15 ml. per 15 Liter spray volume covering entire leaf surface effectively.
Packaging : 1000 ml., 500ml., 250ml, 100ml

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