Complete (Complete Plant Food)

A Short Description Of Complete

Features : COMPLETE is a unique contribution of metabolites derived from multistage fermentation of selected organic products , marine algae extract and protein hydrolysates and fortified with chelated micronutrients. It Increase yield and crop quality by improving the expression of the genetic potential of the crop and by reducing the abiotic stress on the crop. Improves growth by initiating cell division and cell elongation Increases levels of endogenous hormones and enzymes Promotes pollen germination, fertilization, fruit set and yield Imparts resistance to plants from stress such as drought, frost injury Enhances yield along with quality.

Target Crops : All crops –Cereals , pulses , oilseeds , vegetables , fruit trees ,plantation crop and commercial crop.

Doses : 2-2.5 ml/ ltr of water .
Applied 2-3 times during vegetative / flowering/ fruit development.
Packaging : 100 ml, 250 ml., 500 ml, 1 Ltr

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